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OCCITANIE Equestrian Cabaret Camargue 1 day
  • cabaret camargue
  • cabaret camargue
  • cabaret camargue

From 54€ / pers.

Riders and horses, lights and a beautiful history, here are the main ingredients of equestrian fiesta that make dreaming everybody!
At the Grau du Roi, you will be welcomed at the Equestrian Cabaret of Camargue for a festive day. The troupe of the Cabaret is dedicated to mixing the traditions of the circus, the deep Camargue and the conviviality of the Great South. A spectacle in which the prowess of riders, guards all bewitched by the Esmeraldas of the day slip. Dressage, freedom, voltige ... a breathtaking sound and light, punctuating the epic journey of a beautiful gypsy rider loving freedom between Camargue and Andalusia. Through dressage, Hungarian post, aerobatics... alternated by gypsy, sevillian and flamenca dances, discover a colourful show combining dance, horse riding and poetry.

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